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Webinar on HR Documentation 101: How to Produce High Quality, Defensible Employment Documentation -
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Aurora
Date: September 13, 2018 to September 13, 2018
Where: Aurora, 26468%20E%20Walker%20Dr%2C%20Aurora%2C%20Colorado%2080016, Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80016
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Your business landscape might be exacting but you don't have to compromise on your aspirations. Just brush up your skills with our upcoming webinar.

What an employer does document, what it does not document and the manner of use of the documentation are critical elements in determining whether their records show compliance with the law(s) - or not. Join the webinar to understand why it's important to document and how to do so properly to demonstrate that your company is meeting its obligations to employees.

Key points to be covered in the webinar:

<ǃ--[if ǃsupportLists]-->·         <ǃ--[endif]-->The elements of defensible documentation

<ǃ--[if ǃsupportLists]-->·         <ǃ--[endif]-->The elements of employment documentation that works against the employer

<ǃ--[if ǃsupportLists]-->·         <ǃ--[endif]-->How to get your managers to want to document rather than trying to force them to document?


Human Resources is infamous for repeating three words, "document, document, document." There is no doubt documentation is crucial. However, what you document and how you document is critical if faced with a legal challenge. When challenged with a lawsuit, what the employer documented, and how it was documented will be eitheryour defense - or that which helps the other side to win.

The purpose of employers keeping documentary records is to show they comply with applicable laws. However, records often as not, do just the opposite. Because any documentation is certainly not necessarily quality documentation. Instead, employment documentation can often be in reference to or appear, as