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Meeting Management 101: Effective Meeting Management for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators.
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Aurora
Date: September 13, 2018 to September 13, 2018
Where: Aurora, 26468%20E%20Walker%20Dr%2C%20Aurora%2C%20Colorado%2080016, Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80016
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Most books, articles and courses on effective meeting management ignore the fact that leaders, managers and facilitators of meetings have different roles.  Thus a course in managing meetings effectively needs to take these roles into consideration.  We do.  Briefly, the Leader has something to say.  The Manager wants interaction to lead to a specific end point - usually a solution.  The facilitator is there to make sure process is followed.


In this workshop we discuss how each of these three roles effects the manner in which meetings are designed and led.  We also discuss the techniques that are useful for different types of meetings, both live and visual.  Settings, time, expectations all differ depending on the goal of the meeting.  We offer a comprehensive checklist to help in the preparation of meetings.  Types of meetings, how to lead a meeting effectively, and managing and facilitating meetings are also discussed.  The goal of this course is to enable you to go from "oh no, not another boring meeting" to "we get things done quickly and effectively in our meetings."


Types of Leaders, Managers and Facilitators and their different roles and needs; meeting preparation, types of meetings; some tips about People and meetings; Managing effective virtual meetings, Board meetings, Building better meetings, It's about the people; meeting management skills.


The purpose of the meeting, the style of the person running the meeting and other variables should determine the timing, place and agenda of the meeting.  All too often every type of meeting is treated in the same manner - which is one of the reasons many people think meetings are a waste of time.